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Sebastián Ligarde began acting from a very young age. In his house, his parents built him a forum with a curtain and seats so that his neighbors could come to watch his productions. He ventures into theater since elementary school and continues to perform in school productions through high school. In 1971 he began his studies in “Bellas Artes” in Mexico City under the tutelage of Soledad Ruiz, where his classmates were Margarita Sanz and Julieta Egurrola.

In 1974 he debuted professionally in the staging of “The Eyes of Man” by John Herbert. Receives recognition as Revelation of the Year in theater. In 1976 he films his first two films. “Survivors of the Andes” directed by Rene Cardona Sr. that was released by HBO in the United States under the title “Survive” on HBO. He followed with the IMCINE overproduction “Longitud de Guerra” by Gonzalo Martínez. Not satisfied with his academic preparation, he moved to Austin, Texas to study cinematography and acting. He receives a degree in communications with a specialty in film acting and directing. Having several acting techniques as options in college, he decides on the Sanford Meisner Technique. Upon graduation he began filming American films and television series between 1980 -1986. In 1986 Carla Estrada hired him as the star villain of “Pobre Juventud” where he received the TV NOVELAS award as best newcomer actor. In 1987 Carla hired him again for his telenovela “Quinceañera” where he played the star villain counterpart MEMO. He begins to receive many recognitions as an actor. TV NOVELS (best villain) CALENDAR AZTECA (best television actor) PALMS OF GOLD (best villain) etc. In 1989 he received the “HERALDO” as Best leading Cinematographic Actor for his participation in “El Homicida”. In 1990 he received “LA DIOSA DE PLATA” as well as Best Cinematographic Actor for the same film. Since then and until 2008 I participate in 20 telenovelas and more than 90 movies. In 2006 he started to teach Meisner Technique in Miami. In 2008 he retired from acting as the star villain of the miniseries “Gabriel” for Mega TV Florida.



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